• Natasha Oke

The Joy Of Potty Training

Potty Training can feel like a daunting time and often we are never sure when is the best time to start. Sometimes children will show signs of readiness, they may tell you when their nappy is wet or soiled or even want to get onto the toilet, but what happens when a child shows no interest in wanting to move on from nappies.

A good way I have found to start is by finding children stories to introduce the idea of using a potty. One of particular fav stories is, 'Have You Seen My Potty?' It has always kept children I have worked with engaged.

Include your child in the process from the very start, have them choose their own potty and underwear to build excitement and take some of their anxiety away. I can't tell you how many children I have worked with who have been a little scared to use the potty, which is normal so preparing them will help.

Involve them in getting the bathroom ready, choosing an area to place their potty. Once you have done this together decide on a date to start and mark it on a calendar. Once you take the nappy off leave it off. Many parents have asked me, what about Pull Ups? In my many year’s experience I have advised against it when potty training, they can confuse young children when they start, and although messy children need to feel when they have had a wet or soiled accident. It is a personal choice and Pull Ups certainly have a place, but I would advise using these when travelling or at night time when they are going to sleep, until you begin to see a pattern of dryness.

Consistency is key when potty training, accidents are normal and will happen. It’s important to remember to be positive and use positive reinforcement every time they successfully use the potty. Sticky charts can work for children and be a form of visual encouragement.

Remember it does not happen overnight and you will need the patience of a saint in some cases but there will be light at the end of the tunnel!

Potty Training