• Natasha Oke

Simple Cloud Dough

I was working with one of my fantastic Nursery Nurses and she showed me a easy recipe to make cloud dough. I was so impressed by how simple it was to make and wanted to share this with you all. Other than it being simple and packed with play opportunities, I am also loving the fact you need only three ingredients costing you no more than £3.50. This dough will last a long time if stored correctly and can be used in many ways to extend your child’s/children's imaginary play.

What you will need:

  • Food colouring

  • 2 -3 cups of Cornflour

  • Basic scented hair conditioner (I used apple)


1. First add your conditioner and food colouring to a bowl and mix them together. Add enough food colouring for the depth of colour you would like to achieve. I used a teaspoon and that was enough for me.

2. Next add your cornflour slowly one cup at a time mixing as you add the cornflour with a wooden spoon. You are aiming for a texture similar to play dough.

3. Once it is a dough texture take it out and kneed it with your hands to develop the texture. If it feels sticky add more cornflour and continue to kneed, and that’s' it!

Development Skills Promoted

Promotes fine motor skills

Develops imaginary play

Develops concentration

Allows for children to explore and be creative

To extend their play why not introduce kitchen utensils, cutters, empty clean yoghurt pots, and bowls. remember to surpervise their play.

Soft Cloud Dough