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How do I book a babysitter?

Once you have registered for free using our registration form you can freely book a trusted babysitter on days and times suited to your needs. Simply complete the members booking form and a member of the Elite Sitters team will endeavour to fill your booking.

How many hours can I book a babysitter for?

A babysitter must be booked for a minimum of 3 hours. Having a minimum of 3 hours booking time ensures a qualified and trusted babysitter will accept the booking placed.

Why do you charge booking fees?

Booking fees are charged each time you request a babysitter to cover the cost of attracting, interviewing and fully vetting babysitters. This booking fee also covers the cost of contacting and confirming your babysitter. You can save on your yearly cost of booking fees by signing up to our yearly subscription. Contact the Elite Sitters team to find out about our yearly subscription.

What is the cost of your yearly subscription?

Our subscription is charged at our discounted price of £125 yearly. Signing up to our yearly subscription will save you on your over all booking fees. This subscription is ideal for families who will regularly be using the babysitting service. Contact bookings@elitesitters to find out how to sign up.

Can I have the same babysitter?

You can select your preferred babysitters on your booking form each time you place a booking. We will always endeavour to book your preferred babysitter, however this is not always possible due to our babysitters having other commitments. We always aim to ensure we provide you with a local, qualified and trusted babysitter to fill your booking requests.

What are your vetting procedures?

We have a robust Six Step Vetting Process, it is paramount to us the Nannies and Babysitters selected are professional, reliable, trustworthy, highly experienced and caring. Our service values quality over quantity therefore we only select Nannies and Babysitters who demonstrate the above qualities.

Each Nanny and Babysitter must successfully complete the following stages:

  • Complete a detailed application form

  • Attend a face to face Interview with Elite Sitters Senior management

  • Provide a minimum two professional references

  • Have a clear DBS

  • Have a valid Paediatric First Aid certificate

  • Childcare related Qualification

  • Minimum of two years professional experience working with children.

How is a babysitter/nanny paid for their time?

Each babysitter is self-employed and is paid by you at the end of each booking. Elite Sitters are not responsible for paying the babysitters/nannies, we do not collect any fees from the babysitters/nannies for their time. For more information please see our terms and conditions.

Can I book babysitting or nanny services for special events?

Yes, our babysitters and nannies can be booked for weddings and other events. Our nannies can travel with you and take care of your children while you enjoy the day/evening with complete peace of mind, or you can book a babysitters to attend to look after your children during the evening in hotel rooms if required. Contact us at info@elitesitters.co.uk to find out how we can help.

What is overnight childcare?

Overnight childcare is a bespoke service for parents who work night shifts are oncall and may need somone on hand to step in and care for young children. Our nannies are highly experienced working with babies and young children and are able to provide professional and trusted childcare in your home, give you complete peace of mind. Their duties include: Bottle feeding in the night Nappy changing Settling your baby/children back to sleep if needed Dressing your baby/children in the morning Preparing breakfast and getting your children ready for school

Is there a maximum amount of children which can be at each booking?

We have limits inregards to what is deemed safe, if you have 2 or more children under 3 alongside other children or more than 5 children a second babysitter will be required. Please be aware your booking fees/yearly subscription covers your household only. If another child is at your home once you have made the booking and is not registered on your account, this will be charged at an additional £2.50 per child per hour to the babysitter.

Is it normal to feel nervous using a babysitting service?

Yes! This a totally normal feeling for parents, and is to be expected, however we have found our babysitters are very quick at putting you and your children at ease on arriving to your home giving you peace of mind. We also ensure every childcarer selected to work for Elite Sitters is experienced working with children. Our babysitters are either Nursery managers, nursery nurses, childminders, teachers, and socail workers to name a few.

Will I meet my babysitter before my booking?

You will not meet your babysitter or nanny before your booking request, however you will recieve their 'childcare profile'. Their childcare profile will include an ID picture, information about their experience and also their DBS number. On a babysitters and nannies first visit to your home they are asked to arrive 10 minutes earlier to allow time to introduce themselves and give you an oppotunity to talk through your child/chilldren's routine.

Will you care for my child if they are unwell?

The simple answer is yes. We are happy to come to your home and care for your child when they are unwell with common childhood illnesses, such as chicken pox. We know most nurseries are unable to care for children during these times, leaving you without childcare at short notice. Contact us to find out how we can help.

Can you provide childcare for my child with special needs?

We have childcarers who have SEN experience and are able to provide babysitting/nanny services. We are unable to guarantee we have a childcarer in your location with the required skills need, however contact us and will do our utmost to help.


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